Our main goal is
to offer to all our clients the best assistance
and performance.

Our main goal is to offer to all our clients the best assistance and performance, in order to guarantee an high-quality final product with the help of our staff together with modern technical resources.
The main features that highlight us are our availability and the experience throughout the years, which we guarantee to all our clients.
The easy and efficient approach we have with the companies allow us to provide immediate solutions to all those problem that might arise from the production stage.
Reliability and loyalty are our statement. In fact by respecting both commitment with brands and delivery times, we keep our standards very high which is something that keeps us on a top quality service.

Our services


The first stage consists in recieving and verifying the patterns in digital format; this stage is made within a dedicated office using a last generation software.


In our company the cutting stage is executed with a particular attention to the specific fabric and a particular pattern placement (when required).


The making is executed by skilled hands along avant-guard machines; the resulting is a garment which follows the qualitative standards required by our customers faithfully.


After the making stage, the garment is checked again and carefully ironed following the required features of the specific fabric.


Once ironed, the garments are carefully packed according to the rules set by the customerd and kept in our warehouse until the shipping moment.

Our clients

The reliability and the professional approach make our product highly professional, allowing us to work,
throughout the years, with some of the most important brands, both italian and foreign.

Opening hours

from Monday to Friday
from 8am to 6pm

Where we are

Via Michele Mummolo, Z.I.
70017 Putignano (BA)
P.IVA: 08139470721
Registro imprese n. 08139470721
REA n. 606797 CCIAA di Bari


Tel: 080 97 20 156 
Cel: (+39) 320 22 52 827

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